Application Checklist

Depending on what you are interested in doing, refinancing, consolidating your debt, purchasing a home, etc…, you may be asked to provide a variety of information, including:

  • Copy of two recent pay stubs
  • Current mortgage statement and/or account information
  • Previous W2s Verification of any additional income
  • Homeowner's insurance policy
  • A copy of your deed
  • Promissory Note/Bond showing the terms of current mortgage
  • Title information
  • Tax verification information
  • Previous property assessments, if applicable
  • Letter from employer stating date of hire, position, salary and year-to-date earnings
  • Current value of your house
  • Outstanding loan amounts
  • Current loan provider
  • Co-borrower information
  • Other personal information (Social Security number, etc.)

Having this information in front of you will help expedite the loan process. Overall, the information is needed in order to make a decision on your application and to get you qualified.
If you don't have some of the materials listed above, you still could get a loan with IV Alliance Mortgage; just talk to one of our loan officers. 

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