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Join our Team - FAQ

Do you need to be licensed?
>>    Yes, you need to have an active CA Real Estate Sales License, California broker's license or California NMLS License.
Can you sell real estate & originate mortgage loans?
>>    Yes, you can do both.
Can you open a net branch office?
>>    Yes, you can.  Be the first one and guarantee your area !!!
Do you need to be experienced?
>>    No, we can train you!
Which loan origination software is used?
>>    Calyx Point.
Do you provide advertising & marketing?
>>    No.  But you are welcome to advertise in your area.  All advertisement needs to be approved by IV Alliance Headquaters.
How long has the corporation been in business?
>>    Since 2004
Can you work from home or office?
>>    Yes, you can work from your home or lease an office.
Does IV Alliance provide leads?
>>    No, we only refer you to lead generating companies.
Do you have real estate associations?
>>    Request your association to be added !!!
Do you have errors and omissions insurance?
>>    Yes, there is a $125.00 fee per funded/closed transaction.
Can you process your own loans?
>>    Yes, you must complete our processing training and be certified by IV Alliance.
Who locks your loans?
>>    You or your processor are responsible for loan locks.
Can you originate out of state loans?
>>   No, we currently service California only.
Can you sign up to any multiple listing service?
>>    Yes, You can sign up to any multiple listing service.
How often are commissions paid?
>>    48 hours after reception of check and complete file.
Can you sign up with additional lenders?
>>    Yes, if a new lender is needed, we will sign up for you.
Are you an employee or independent contractor?
>>    You are an independent contractor and given a 1099 annually, not an employee.
Does marketing and advertising need to be approved?
>>    Yes, all marketing and advertising needs to be approved.
Is there training with sales and marketing?
>>    There is periodically training for sales and marketing.

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